by Crustaceanation

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Part 2 of a trilogy.


released May 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Crustaceanation Lincoln, Nebraska

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Track Name: Progressive Rock
Quit talking about progressive rock and give me some of your progressive COCK
Track Name: K. Dick
Quit talking about Kurt Vonnegut and give me your Philip K. DICK
Track Name: Clear's Path
Thank god they gave that robot a dick!
Track Name: TGIF!~
I like to read to read yaoi on friday night to protest the insistence in western society that going out and spending money and other things considered "fun" should be reserved for the weekend.
Track Name: Inducing Vomiting On A Soccer Field On A Saturday Morning To Protest Post-Secondary Education
Inducing vomiting on a soccer field (x2)

Because I don't think that in order to self-actualize i need to pursue a post-secondary education.
Track Name: Juggling All Organic, Fair Trade Foods On The Street For Salary (On The Street In This Case Means Literally On The Street, Not On A Sidewalk Or In The Metaphorical "The Streets")
Looks like it's over-aggressive jock douche-bag day at the local organic food mart
Track Name: Spiritual Growth
If I don't get some spiritual growth out of this I'm gonna be fucking livid.
Track Name: LSD Didn't Teach Me Shit
I don't mean to sound straight-edge or anything, but if a person think someone isn't genuine because they haven't swallowed a piece of paper, that person needs to change the way they judge people. if not stop judging people altogether.

But am I to say anything, I wrote this song to judge people

Crystals are bullshit.
Track Name: Free Medicine
I had a dream that my doctor gave me too much of my prescription so I gave it away to all my friends for free

Free medicine for all of my friends (x4)

I'm not talking about benzos
Not talking about hallucinogens
I'm talking about shit like antibiotics
Track Name: I'm a Hypocrite
I'm a hypocrite, I'm a fucking hypocrite god fucking damn it (x4)
Track Name: Indoctrinationation
I remember one day in sunday school we were show a goblet with wine that miraculously drained when we prayed. I have recurring dreams when i'm in the room drinking the wine myself.
Track Name: Church
The torch of skepticism sure is alluring to your eye, but child that flame will burn you in the after life.

Little one who taught you to question things, here have some wine law don't mind when god's watching.

You're sure in a fragile place in your life and It should would be tragic if you listened to your strife.
Track Name: The Ricketty House Down The Street
Vile substances purchased on the black market bring death to all that enter the ricketty house down the street.
Track Name: I Fucking Hate The City
I hate living in the city.

Sometime I imagine the clouds are mountain tops
Track Name: Double Standards
Let's stop bitching about double standards and start bitching about standards in general.

Drop the bar as low as you can and say that the name of the game is limbo.
Track Name: Instant Gratificationation
Instant gratification is bullshit and first impressions are poisonous
Track Name: Like Me
Do you like me for who I am or for the homophobic presuppositions I haven't realized are inside of me yet?
Track Name: Choice
Not that my sexual preferences are any of your fucking business, but if it even WAS a choice it'd be mine to make and you insisting that it is a choice is only bringing to light your own insecurities and "dark secrets" lol sucks for you BRO.
Track Name: Clothing
You probably don't like seeing men in women's clothing because it makes you realize that clothing is a arbitrarily enforced social system you're told not to question if you want to fit in :)
Track Name: Obligitory
Gender is a form of oppression. Your (cis) identity as a man or woman is a social construct forced on you before you had any idea of what was going on.
Track Name: Things I Hate Pt. 1: Being Subordinate
Being forced to act subordinate to straights who claim they're not homophobic but have obvious subconscious hang-ups about seeing homosexuality as anything other than a flaw, and when i refuse to stay quiet about it all of a sudden my sexuality is up for questioning.
Track Name: Things I Hate Pt. 2: "Vibes"
Can you really tell a person's intentions by their "aura" or are you just not down with putting effort into being as empathetic as you like to tell people you are.
Track Name: :) Smile (:
I've been raped, fuck you.
Track Name: Sometimes
Sometime I think I deserve to die
Track Name: On Fear
If you fear love then learn to love fear.