by Crustaceanation

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A group of passive-aggressive love songs about two youths who become anxious about the future, thinking that the waters of wisdom might quench the youthful flame in their hearts. When they try to find comfort in providing the water themselves, they see that the flame was never there to begin with. Which is fine, too, I guess.

Part 1 of a Trilogy


released April 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Crustaceanation Lincoln, Nebraska

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Track Name: High Heels
I tend to think better on my toes when i'm wearing high heels.
Track Name: Half A Brain
Looks like i only had half a brain to begin with

(based on the unfortunate joke "the most painful part of a MTF gender reassignment surgery is when they remove half your brain.")
Track Name: Gentrifacationation
I want to live in Williamsburg and wear poverty as a fashion statement while living in a loft paid for by my parent.
Then I'll get a job that's super chic and only work 15 hours a week, and
Smoke a bunch of fucking pot.
Track Name: The Boy
This is a story about a planet that's spinning out of control.
It's not that bad, though. the core is just a little bit above where you'd expect it to be,
During the day all the upward slopes are perfectly flat
And all the downward slopes are that much easier
But and night everything's exaggerated to the point where it's kind of ridiculous
And two people are getting fucking tired of it.
Track Name: Drunk Vegetarians Unapologetically Eating Meat
If I were a sea urchin you couldn't rightfully expect to take a magnifying glass to me and melt down my spines. I don't think they're made of such a material but you might be able to piss me off if sea urchin's are capable of doing such a thing. At this point I'd say it's wise not to trust me since i obviously don't know much about their anatomy, so I hope I'd dry enough right now that I set fire and burn down so in my ashes you can plant your seeds of doubt

Keep any flowers that you find in my remains 'cause god knows we couldn't grow any in such infertile soil

I hope that they wilt when you try to water then with the love that you thought was an ocean when it was just a tidal pool.

Still deep enough for you to drown.